Hi! My name is Killian Lenahen, and I am the owner and founder of Love City Vet. I wish I had a unique story about becoming a veterinarian, but it is pretty standard. I have always loved animals. I was only a year old when my family moved into our house in Fort Washington, PA, where a litter of kittens was found under our shed. We kept two of the kitties, naming them Blondie and Kelly. Thus naturally (or unnaturally, depending on your point of view), I grew up thinking I was a cat. My parents had to keep me away from the cat food because I wanted to crawl around on the floor and pretend like I was one of them. In high school, I became a kennel assistant and realized I enjoyed interacting with animals in a more professional setting as well. In college, I worked as a veterinary assistant and took a strong interest in medicine and surgery. After studying Animal Science at the University of Maryland, I realized that a career in veterinary medicine was my true calling. I came back to Philadelphia and studied at the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine (PennVet for short), graduating in 2016.

As a newly minted veterinarian, I had no idea what I wanted to do with my degree, and my interests were extremely varied. That is why I traveled to Tampa, FL to complete a one-year rotating medicine and surgery internship. That experience proved to be truly invaluable. I liked rotating through the different specialties and having to think quickly on my feet while also handling a busy emergency caseload. After my internship year, I realized that I enjoyed many aspects of veterinary medicine and especially loved building relationships with clients. This led me to begin working as a general practitioner. I initially practiced in a rural town out west in Nevada and later moved back to the Philadelphia area. After helping open two hospitals with a corporate veterinary group, I decided that I had a vision for veterinary care in Philadelphia that was worth sharing.

Fast forward to 2021, when I began looking for a location for Love City Vet. I wanted it to be in an area in need of veterinary care as well as easily accessible to others from multiple Philadelphia neighborhoods. Whitman Plaza Shopping Center fits the bill. Not only does the surrounding South Philadelphia area lack a veterinarian close by, but the shopping center has ample parking for those traveling by car with their pets and is easily accessible via public transit. As a homeowner in South Philly, I love the idea that I can serve the community that I call home.

The process of opening Love City has not been easy. I have a HUGE appreciation for all of the small businesses that have opened their doors, especially during the pandemic. It takes guts, determination, and courage. At Love City Vet, we hope to partner with local businesses to showcase their skills, creativity, and contributions to the community.

One of our core values at Love City Vet that I am most proud of is “Empower our team.” Veterinary team members are extremely hard working and care deeply about their patients and clients. They put their all into everything they do. As a whole, veterinary technicians/nurses, assistants, and client service representatives have been underpaid, underutilized, and undervalued in our profession. At Love City Vet, we plan to offer our veterinary staff competitive salaries, flexible work hours, and an environment where they feel valued and empowered. As we hire new team members, we will highlight each on social media so that you can get to know them.

I hope you all continue to follow us for updates as we get closer to bringing the Love City Vet vision to life!